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Production Bred

Production Breeding restores heritage breeds to perform as well as they did 60 years ago! Genetically healthy. Robust.

'Every Peep Should Earn Her Keep!

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Our Breeds

We offer the best heritage layers, the best heritage meat birds, and the best dual-purpose breeds. Go on, a take a gander at the breeds we offer!

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Our History

Originally we just wanted to get them off the 'Endangered Livestock Breeds' list. Now we want to make them common again. You'll love their vitality! Eggs - meat - health.

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Our News

Read what's going on at the hatchery and find out what's coming up! We also post blog entries about chickens every so often!

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Why production bred?

You should choose production bred chicks to get the most bang for your buck. Not only our the chicks healthy and happy but they produce for a longer period of time

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Dedicated to Restoration

Modern Breeding, Old school chickens

Production Breeding is like a time machine for heritage chickens. It can restore them to their original vigor, fertility and health. We fuse the traditional selection that created each breed in the first place with modern breeding methods to deepen the gene pool. We rear them on pasture and let them catch mice.


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