True North Farm

Modern heritage chicks

True North Heritage Hatchery started out as a co-operative effort between 4 old friends. We hadn't known each other long, but we were all really old! Old enough to remember the era before commercial layers and broilers, and before Canada sold out the last of our primary chicken producers to foreign corporations.

  • Meat or Eggs

    It doesn't have to be just meat or eggs. We carry a selection of dual purpose chickens that work well for both purposes

  • Healthy & Robust

    Our breeder flocks are not in sealed, environmentally controlled barns. They have fresh air, sunshine and large outdoor runs. They enjoy a normal chicken life.

  • Pure & Simple

    No fluff. Most of our breeds, are true breeding meaning you can breed them yourself
  • Careful selection

    We sell only breeds that have been restored to genetic health by Production Breeding. We evaluate growth and laying records. Only the best.

  • It's not about Colours

    We don't carry the latest colour trend in chickens. We don't inbreed to perfect feather patterns. Those practices damage the gene pool of the breed.
  • True Livestock Conservancy

    Each livestock breed evolved to fill a purpose, not to win ribbons in a show. We target the production traits of each chicken breed. Good utility is not a fad; it will save them from extinction.

Dedicated to Heritage

Modern Breeding, Old school chickens

We're dedicated to breeding modern heritage chicks. We carefully fuse traditional breeding skills with modern breeding and rearing methods. This results in a carefully crafted stock