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Conservation Breeding programs

True North Heritage Hatchery was started to reverse the declining utility and health of heritage poultry: poor egg laying, late maturity, and weak immune systems. Decades of breeding in very small flocks and inbreeding to the Standard of Perfection have thinned out the gene pools of heritage breeds. We wanted to bring them back, and knew that this could only be done by Conservation Breeding - the same technique that is used to rescue endangered species. We started with 4 chicken breeds - Light Sussex, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and Ameraucanas

Conservation Breeding restores the genetic health of a population by restoring genetic diversity, and it’s not new idea. Poultry breeders and farmers of 100 years ago knew that poultry did best if raised in large numbers with selection for health and vigour, and that uniting distant fragments of the chicken gene pool created ‘hybrid vigour’ that increased fertility (egg production) and growth rate (meat production). Long ago it was called ‘Production Breeding’, and this is what we have called it in the past, but confusion between ‘production’ and ‘commercial’ raises suspicions in some people, so we are calling it Conservation Breeding now.

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Thanks for your interest! We're currently getting ready for the 2020 season and hope to launch an online ordering portal in December. Stay tuned as we are currently working the bugs out.

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