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How To Order

Hi there fellow chicken { hobbyist, rancher, addict } ( You pick what describes you best ), We're in the process of testing a brand new ordering system that's load's easier. However it's not quite hatched...

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Production Breeding

I have been too busy to blog in this first year of running the hatchery, but I always have time to talk to people who phone us with chicken questions. One of the most common is, “What is production breeding?”...

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Rooster Stock

This is the perfect time of year for soup and all the slow cooked dishes that are based on chicken stock. If you are experienced making stock with a stewing hen, be prepared to take things up a notch by using a...

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The story of Light Sussex

Sussex chickens are an English breed that arose naturally in the south of England in a climate very similar to the Pacific Northwest. The Sussex adapted so well to the needs of the people in Sussex that they...

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It was not very long ago when outdoor flocks in Western Canada could live long and never get sick beyond the occasional cough in the winter. But serious diseases have become a problem in the last 50 years. The...

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What is a ‘Heritage’ Chicken?

When I chose to put ‘Heritage’ in the name of the hatchery, I quickly found out that the word means different things to different people. There is no official definition regarding its meaning about chickens, so...

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