Pullets Available

Entry by Emily Robertson

Pullets for Sale!

We have a Jump Start barn, the first one in Canada! This barn rears future layers to be good foragers, trained to roost at night, active, healthy and the correct weight to enhance their egg laying. They will be vaccinated for Marek’s, ILT, Salmonella, Infectious Bursal Disease, Newcastles, and Bronchitis (IB). (Non- shedding vaccines.)

This spring’s batch have been selected for beautiful egg colours: white, blue, and 6 shades of brown!

You will be amazed at how productive these healthy, beautiful heritage pullets are!

True North Heritage Hatchery Breeding:

Production Red Hen

Production Reds

We cross excellent laying lines of Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White to produce these ‘working girls’ of the hen house. Short of buying commercial stock you cannot get better egg layers than these hens! They lay large size, medium brown eggs– averaging 300+ in their first year of lay! - and are not broody. They are friendly and calm, and all around good citizens.


Buff Minorca

This Mediterranean beauty is the same colour as Buff Orpingtons, but is a much smaller bird. Minorcas lay large, white eggs that can give your egg boxes a nice pop of contrast. They are excellent layers and easy keepers. Everyone wanting to produce fancy eggs needs of few of these girls!


Buff Orpington

Orpingtons are an English bird that are the epitome of soft and fluffy – they both look and act the part, having sweet temperaments and they enjoy a nice cuddle. They lay tinted (light brown) eggs, some of which are pink. The hens can get up to 8 lbs but remain docile and friendly.

Silver Laced Wyandottes

Silver Laced Wyandottes

These eye catching birds were originally bred for their dual-purpose utility traits, so if you can stop staring at the amazing feathers let me tell you that they lay over 200 brown eggs per year and are very winter hardy.

Silver Laced Wyandottes

Cuckoos Marans - feather legged or clean shanked

This is the original Chocolate Egg chicken, or at least the first one to grab the attention of North Americans. The people of Marans, France knew a good thing when they saw the fabulously dark eggs laid by Langshans (a rare import from China) and decided to add those genes to their local dual purpose birds. Voila! We have both the feather-legged and clean shanked Cuckoos. Both lay more and darker brown eggs than most BC bred Black Copper Marans.



In this Dutch breed the boys get all the fancy colours while the girls are ‘partridge’, which is Chicken-speak for camouflage. No matter, the eggs are what we want these birds for: another very dark egg layer, although these eggs are like a dark terracotta colour. If you are going for the multicolour egg basket, you do need some of these girls! Welsummer hens are good barnyard citizens and quite cold hardy



a Dutch breed that lays very dark brown eggs and also carries a beautiful double laced plumage. More subtle than the Wyandottes, these girls get my vote as most beautiful. The eggs are a dark reddish brown with a matte finish (unless the photographer has oiled them up to darken them). Barnevelders are calm and docile but not especially friendly (- more like the cat than the dog).

These pullets start at $20/ea for the 6 week olds( March 20), and go up $1/week to $30 for the 16 week olds (May 30). Prices are at the Farm Gate, in Armstrong. Delivery may be arranged for groups of 100+ pullets to a single drop off location.

Orders are filled first come, first served. You can order your pullets now for pick up at a future date; the price will be for the age at pick up.

To order, send your request to Orders@TrueNorthFarm.ca including your name, address and telephone number, the breeds and number of each, and the date on which you would like to pick them up.