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We enjoy chatting with customers, discussing poultry projects and helping to solve problems BUT we are located in a mountainous rural area, so communication isn't fast and easy. Email is the best way to contact us. Please use the contact form below to send in inquiries. And use the order forms to send in orders. (For urgent matters, don't email - see below.)

If your message or question is urgent, please call the farm on our landline (don't text!) 250-546-0106. You can leave a message on this phone if no one answers, and these messages will be attended to faster than an email.

Please note that we do not have employees to take phone calls, it's just us, and we are busy! - so please keep these calls short and to the point. But - this is the sweet thing - we can chat on my cell phone... but only IF you call while I am away from the farm on my weekly trips to the hatchery. Starting February 1st I will be making these trips on Mondays (starting quite early) and Tuesdays (until about 5 pm) every week. I have excellent Bluetooth systems in our van and car, and can talk safely. The number is 604-308-6148 Note - the cell phone doesn't work at the farm. You might think it is ringing, but it probably isn't. You might leave a voice message, but I won't get it for several days. So please don't call this number when I'm at the farm.

Postal address

4780 Sleepy Hollow Rd.

Armstrong, BC V0E 1B4

Phone number
+1 (250) 546-0106
+1 (604) 308-6148