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About Ameraucana

Ameraucanas are the perky, chubby-cheeked birds that add a 'pop' of blue to your egg basket. They have a fascinating history. Brits found chickens that laid blue eggs in southern Chile as well as birds with several other exotic traits, and they created Araucanas, a new breed, that combined all these novelties. Everyone loved the small blue eggs, but two of the other traits ('tufted' and 'rumpless') turned out to be semi-lethals. Some American breeders crossed Araucanas with Leghorns and other productive breeds to create Ameraucanas that lay better and have 'whiskers and beard' instead of the semi-lethal genes. Since the Araucanas were so genetically mixed, and the Ameraucanas were genetically mixed, there is an amazing spectrum of colours and feather patterns in this breed. The APA chose 7 colour varieties for the purpose of show judging, but segregating the gene pool into 7 isolated pieces is not good for genetic health, and so we have crossed the colours in every generation to produce the best layers of large blue eggs. About half of our hens are the classic red/gold/black that you get when you cross colours, while the others are many colours: blue, wheaten, splash, etc. and the chicks are a delightful rainbow of light, medium and dark colours.

Ameraucana hens are sweet and personable; their whiskers and beards always make me smile. They are excellent foragers and will go to great lengths to get out, explore the world and find their own food. Their small pea comb makes them very cold hardy. Our flock is genetically 'deep', which means that you can safely breed your own next generation from the chicks you get from us. Some of the hens will go broody and make great mothers! Most of the roosters from our line make good flock sires, but a fraction of them may be aggressive, so if you are breeding your own chicks we suggest that you keep a generous 'short list' of cockerels until they are mature enough for you to judge their adult temperament. Crossing Ameraucanas with breeds that lay brown eggs will produce hens that lay other egg colours: olive, khaki, etc. This is how Easter Eggers are produced!

We know that many people would prefer to buy only female chicks, but we have had very poor results from vent sexing this breed, and every sexing mistake means a female chick that was destroyed as a male, and an annoyed customer who wants to return a cockerel. So we have decided to sell Ameraucanas as straight run (unsexed) only.

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