Sweet cheeks

Ameraucanas are the exotic looking hens that add a ‘pop’ of blue to your egg basket! The breed was created by American breeders wishing to get those beautiful blue eggs from a more productive and healthy bird than the Araucana. Leghorns and other productive breeds were crossed with Araucanas, and ‘whiskered’ and ‘bearded’ genes were substituted for the problematic ‘tufted’ and ‘rumpless’ traits.

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Blue's the new black

Our flock consists of crossed colour varieties, so there are few ‘pure’ colours, but they lay like heritage Leghorns! The eggs are a clean blue-green color, and large size. The hens don’t go broody and lay well over a long season. But enough about eggs! Every flock should have a few Ameraucanas because these birds are so sweet and personable, as well as being beautifully varied in their plumage.

About half of our hens are the classic red/gold/black that you get when you cross colours, while the others are many colours: blue, wheaten, splash, etc. Our roosters this year are not black! (we had too many black chicks last year), and the chicks are a delightful rainbow of light, medium and dark colours. Their whiskers and beards always make me smile. The small pea comb of Ameraucanas makes them well suited to cold climates.


Quantity Price
1-24 $6.00/chick
25-49 $4.95/chick
50-99 $4.50/chick
100+ $4.25/chick

  • Availability

    Feb - Aug

  • Hen weight

    5.5 lbs

  • Rooster Weight

    6.5 lbs


Here are some common questions we get asked about Ameraucanas