Caramel Queens

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Caramel Queens are a sex-linked cross between Light Sussex hens and Welsummer roosters. The Queens are a beautiful rich red with with gold in their hackles and decorative touches of black that develop in their adult coat — each one is a little different. They lay a fairly dark egg — not ‘chocolate’, more terra cotta. Crosses of this sort have been popular for over 100 years, starting with the original Golden Comets (LS x RIR). Caramel Queens give you the advantage of handsome, dark Welsummer eggs while laying very much better than Welsummers, so you can have the best of both breeds — and no roosters to boot!

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True North Queens

Caramel Queens are good foragers, and more adventurous than their Light Sussex mums, so they like to go walkabout and maybe see if you’ll let them in the house. If given full freedom they might decide they rule the farm and would like to oversee their kingdom from a tree branch! But even if they get out of the pen, they will reliably return to roost and not go wild. They are very friendly and sociable.


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1-24 $8.00/chick
25-49 $7.00/chick
50-99 $6.00/chick
100+ $5.75/chick

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