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About Mistral Gris

Mistral Gris (“Mee-strahl Gree”) are a ‘Label Rouge’ style of pasture meat bird. If you have tried to produce your own fryers or roasters without growing the commercial broilers, you have been looking for a bird like this! They grow much faster than the best pure-bred heritage birds, but not as fast as the commercial broilers. These are robust chicks that feather quickly and can go outside to start foraging at a few weeks old.

Healthy & Robust

chicks Mistral Gris are 'hybrids' - their mothers and fathers are not from the same breed - but they are not just a cross between existing heritage breeds. The parent lines were specially created based on how well they crossed with each other. The MGs are much better than either parent.

They reach 5 lbs (live weight) by 9 weeks old, dressing out to meaty fryers, but most people keep them to 12 weeks and enjoy flavourful and tender roasters. Despite the black feathers, they dress cleanly. Rub with butter and roast in an open pan for the most divine dinner!

Mistral Gris look a lot like Barred Rocks, with silver and white barred feathers, single combs and yellow skin. They were bred from Barred Rocks and several other heritage breeds using old-fashioned breeding techniques — it takes about 10 generations to perfect a cross like this with no genetic modifications, and no 'terminal' genes. They grow too large to be good breeders themselves.

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We have prepared a growing guide to help you get the most out of the Mistral Gris.

You can access the growing guide by following this link