Production Reds

The Mortgage Lifter

If you're looking for a great egg layer our Production red is your best choice. Woven from some of the best egg laying stock you can find around we've crafted an amazing egg layer. Our Production Red is hardy and active. While other production reds have roots traced to the global players our production reds can trace their roots right back to our farm.

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Our best egg layer

We use a RIR x RIW hen as the mother of our Production Reds, and our red roosters are 1/4 New Hampshire. This gives us chicks that are brown with white or black on their tails and wing tips. Some have the laced hackle feathers of the New Hampshire. Beauty is as beauty does, and these girls really produce! Their eggs are a nice dark brown and they lay an average of 280 eggs a year with the help of lights in the winter. 'Production Reds' are NOT commercial layers, and in fact the idea of outcrossing Rhode Island Reds goes back decades before there were commercial layers, to the point where egg farmers noticed that pure bred RIRs just weren't laying as well as they used to. Inbreeding depression arrived quickly. To counteract it, farmers crossed RIRs with Rhode Island Whites and New Hampshires. Most non-commercial hatcheries offer a Production Red as their best layer.

Although they lay almost as well as commercial layers our Production Reds will restore their bodies when they molt and will live and lay well for many years. If you are planning to get farm status from egg sales, or pack a box of eggs in your CSA boxes in the summer, or have a guaranteed profitable project on your hobby farm, Production Reds are the chickens for you.


Quantity Price
1-24 (SR) $5.35/chick
1-24(Pullets) $8.00/Chick
25-49 (SR) $4.25/chick
25-49(Pullets) $7.00/Chick
50-99 (SR) $3.55/chick
50-99(Pullets) $6.00/Chick
100+(SR) $3.30/chick
100+(Pullets) $5.75/Chick

  • Availability

    All year

  • Hen weight

    5.5-6 lbs

  • Rooster Weight

    6.5-7 lbs


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