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We have a Jump Start barn, the first one in Canada! This barn is like a finishing school for upper class pullets. They are given interesting areas to explore and exercise in as they grow, leading to foraging outdoors and learning to come in at 'curfew' (sunset). By 16 weeks they are roosting and the early maturing breeds will be starting to look for nest boxes.

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Started Pullets

The chicks are lined up for a new batch of pullets in our Jump Start barn, starting date Feb 13th. We will have our own breeds of course (Production Reds, Caramel Queens, Barred Rocks ['Rockettes'] and Light Sussex ['Luchins'] and also:

Black Australorp

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Gold Laced Wyandotte



Buff Orpington

Cuckoo Marans (the French feather-legged ones)

Buff Minorca


Speckled Sussex

And we will have Novagens - a commercial brown egg layer that has been selected for adaptation to free range flocks. They lay about 330 dark brown eggs/year.

Prices: for our own breeds and the Novagens, $15/ea at 6 weeks and add $1/wk up to 16 weeks old (June 5). All the others are $20/ea at 6 weeks and add $1/wk up to 16 weeks old (June 5).

The pullets will have the same vaccination schedule that we use for our own very valuable breeder flocks, and will be protected from the 8 most common poultry diseases in BC and Alberta. The vaccinations won’t be complete until week 12 (May 8th) but we will let you buy pullets as young as 6 weeks if you wish.

Pullets cannot be shipped, so they are for farm pick up. If you can organize a group order of 200+ pullets (300+ for destinations requiring a ferry) I will deliver them for free within BC and western AB.


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1 $15.00 - $25.00 / Bird

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