Started Pullets


Our started pullets are always healthy and given access to a state of the art barn, where they have room to jump and learn to roost. Our pullets are protected from all the common diseases and also guaranteed free of Salmonella and Mycoplasma.

One important advantage of getting your pullets from us is that we vaccinate the birds for 8 poultry diseases that have become common, especially in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island.  Last year many thousands of chickens died due to ILT - an outbreak that made headlines in Ag journals. Infectious Bursal Disease is very common in unvaccinated flocks throughout BC - this disease doesn't kill birds but damages their reproductive systems for life.  Many people assume that the poor egg production of heritage breeds is due to their being heritage breeds, but in fact some of the problem is due to the birds being damaged by disease.  Our pullets are protected from all the common diseases and also guaranteed free of Salmonella and Mycoplasma.  Our higher price is cheap insurance that your birds will stay in good health and maintain excellent productivity

Available Breeds

True North Farm has the following breeds available: Rockettes, Production Reds, Novogens, and Shaver Blacks. Pullets (female chickens) can be ordered as either 12 week old or 16 week old birds and are available for pickup only.

Pickup locations are Armstrong or Langley (May 2nd or May 30th).

Pullets are $20/each at 12 weeks old, or $25/each at 16 weeks old. A 10% discount is available for Novogens if ordering 50+

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I developed the Rockettes using Conservation Genetics techniques.  Get the heritage bird you love with renovated laying performance!  Read more on our website.

Production Reds

These ladies come in '50 Shades of Brown' due to being a cross between RIR and RIW.  Crossing inside the Rhode Island breed gives them hybrid vigour.  They are the best layers of any heritage bird that I have seen reliable data on.  Read more on our website.

Novogen Browns and Whites (Commercial layers)

Novogens are the only completely new commercial layer breed to come along since the 1980s and they are widely recognized for being the most capable of adapting to your environment. They are calm but alert, and lay very dark brown (the Browns) or pure white (the Whites) eggs of superior quality - rated at 330 eggs/year. They are amazing for laying early in the day, laying in the nest boxes, sleeping on their perches (instead of on the floor), and are models of good behaviour. It’s hard to believe that this behavior is genetic, but it must be!

Shaver Blacks

Don Shaver created this dual purpose breed to be much like the Australorp, but genetically healthier and adapted to Canadian conditions. They are extremely good layers of dark brown eggs, and have the ‘beetle green’ sheen on their black feathers. Most of them have some birchen lacing on their necks, and the others are solid black.