What's Production Breeding?
- It's like a Genetic Time Machine

Heritage chickens were once the mainstay of every farm, but now they are fading away.

60 years of careless breeding has nearly wiped them out. They are smaller, slower growing, lay fewer, smaller eggs. Inbreeding depression.

Restore the Gene Pool

First we reunite separated fragments of the breed's gene pool. We top it up every year. We grow out hundreds of chicks to find the genetic winners.

It starts with the Chick

From Day One, strong selection for vitality, growth rate, laying and temperament. One in 4 hens and 1 in 25 roosters make the final cut.

Natural Rearing

We raise our breeders on pasture, in all weather, where we can assess their behavior and vitality. Their offspring will thrive in your coop.